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Dr. Lisanne Hölting

Visitor Address:
Hülssebau, HÜL/W 433
Helmholtzstraße 10
01069 Dresden

Tel.+49 351 463-39697
Fax+49 351 463-37064

Office Hours:
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➝ Multifunctional land use, including the quantification of multifunctionality

➝ The concept and assessment of ecosystem services

➝ Spatial modelling and data science (in the programming language R)

➝ Impacts of land use on ecosystem services and biodiversity

Schwenbeck L, Hölting, L., Witing, F. (2023). Modeling Climate Regulation of Arable Soils in Northern Saxony under the Influence of Climate Change and Management Practices. Sustainability, 5, 11128.

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 ➝ since 2021: PostDoc at the chair of Computational Landscape Ecology, TU Dresden

 ➝ 2019-2021: Research assistant at the chair of Computational Landscape Ecology, TU Dresden

 ➝ 2017-2020: PhD student at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ Leipzig, Department of Computational Landscape Ecology; Helmholtz research school ESCALATE

 ➝ 2013-2015: Master studies “Environmental Sciences in Europe (EnvEuro)”, University of Hohenheim (UHOH) and Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU Uppsala); M.Sc. thesis “Virus removal during artificial groundwater recharge and the effects of organic matter – Tunåsen infiltration basins, Uppsala, Sweden” to the article

 ➝ 2010-2013: Bachelor studies “Environmental Sciences” with minor subject hydrology, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Germany; B.Sc. thesis “Groundwater resources of the Hrazdan catchment area, Armenia”

ECO²SCAPE Co-design of ecologically and economically efficient policy instruments and measures for conserving biodiversity and ecosystem services in cultural landscapes. Funded by the BMBF within the framework of the  “Research Initiative for the Conservation of Biodiversity” (16LW0079K, 01.10.2021 – 30.09.2024) –> Project website of ECO²SCAPE

 ➝ 2014: Helmut-Aurenz-Scholarship

 ➝ 2014: Deutschlandstipendium